CONTEC: Overview
CONPROSYS Industrial IoT

For over 30 years, Contec has led the PC- based electronic measurement, control, and factory automation markets with a wide variety of interface boards, sensors, and field equipment.
Our remote monitoring systems are integrated in more than 20,000 solar power stations and infrastructure equipment.
Our latest innovation is the result of extensive research and development aimed at providing customers with a path to IoT/M2M Solutions.
CONPROSYS is an easy-to-install IoT device offering cloud services.


M2M controllers| M2M gateways| PAC systems| I/O modules| Software| Cloud service

PC-HELPER-PC-based DAQ & Control
PC expansion cards for the construction of measurement control and communication systems. Large selection of USB, PCI Express, and PCI cards, as well as full lineup of measurement software and program development tools.

USB modules| PCI express cards | PCI cards| Software

Embedded Computers
The optimal design of Contec's embedded computers is based on proprietary technologies and goes beyond existing form factors. The achieved reliability cannot be simply expressed by standards and performance indications or with catalog specifications. In addition, long-term supply is ensured through our own global procurement network and product life cycle management. We are very proud of our proprietary products.

Box computers| Panel computers|Flat panel displays| Digital signage players

Industrial Computers
Long-term supply (five years from sales launch) and long-term maintenance support (six years from end of production) offered. These products free you from having to deal with operation verifications and device design changes that occur every time models are changed, thus contribute to reducing development and verification costs. Great selection of hardware RAID models enabling 24-hour consecutive operations.

FA computers VPC| Custom PC Solution-ePC

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